Joe Jackson


Fiddles and Death Row merge in a CD event never before seen on this Website!!!

In 1999-2000, my first book, Dead Run: The Shocking Story of Dennis Stockton and Life on Death Row in America, was optioned by HBO for a movie. Unfortunately, the option was dropped the next year when HBO changed management, but the best part of that experience still survives--a proposed soundtrack of haunting folk music composed and performed on viola by Cliff Self, the blind fiddling genius of Port Townsend, Washington. Now, for a nominal fee, this original mountain music can be yours! Tap your foot to "Stockton's Lament." Shudder to "The Last Mile." Just contact me through my e-mail, or contact the mad fiddler Self directly at cliff@​ Either way, this Roots Music Extravaganza will soon be yours!

Selected Works

"A penetrating evaluation of Lindbergh's triumph set against the backdrop of the hero-worshipping Twenties. Painstakingly researched, Jackson's balanced work is a singular contribution to the history of flight in general and to Lindbergh historiography in particular. Highly recommended." -- Library Journal (starred review)
"An exhilarating narrative, sweeping us through great discoveries and international rivalries.... Here is the drama of the scientist made real." -- Jenny Uglow, author of The Lunar Men: Five Friends Whose Curiosity Changed the World
"A tragic yet triumphant book about the limits of humanity and human endurance."
--Publishers Weekly
"Leavenworth Train is an express ride into one man's nightmare and redemption."
--American History
"A frog-coughing, spider-barking, toad-strangling jim-dandy of a road novel."
--The Orlando Sentinel
Nonfiction; True Crime
"A gripping tale of a death-row inmate's life and eventual death in the Virginia prison system . . . [and]an intriguing, sometimes darkly comic, saga of the escape of death-row inmates who became known as the 'Mecklenberg Six.' Readers looking for a true-crime story that reaches for broader themes, such as THE EXECUTIONER'S SONG, will find one in DEAD RUN. -- The Orlando Sentinel